Awesome SUV: Jaguar E-Pace Test Drive Review 2018 with Euroman Driver

ALL NEW Jaguar E-Pace Luxury SUV Test Drive Review 2018 with Euroman Driver. Jaguar E-Pace Review By Zhang Wei, (traveling auto journalist of China and Singapore, Writing for in Asia and Europe.) Is Jaguar better than BMW X1 or BMW X3? Can it beat the new Audi Q3 2018 model? And does it offer more premium style than Volvo XC40? Does it drive as good as SEAT Ateca FR 2.0 TSI? Let’s start with the last one. The SEAT Ateca FR with petrol engine drives great, but lack premium interior quality and even build quality issues. but is cheaper than e-pace. The BMW X1 is almost inthe same price level and the XE is maybe the exact same price level. The X1 and X3 drives better than this Jaguar e-pace! But the E-pace is still great to get around in. Volvo XC40 is overall the best compact SUV off all of them together with BMW X3. Volvo XC40 is just overpriced with with all the monthly cost are calculated. The SEAT Ateca FR and BMW X1 are the cheapest to have on a monthly basis. The Ateca is not a premium brand and I’m just using them as example because the Ateca drives like a premium sport SUV. But the build quality is questionable according to users and former owners of the car. If VW Group just tried a little harder they could sell much more! Value for money is important and the BMW X3 is the best value for money premium SUV here!

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